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Founded in 2010, Group Forest is a transcontinental conglomerate comprised of three companies: Forest Production, specializing in the production of media; Forest Creative, adept in market strategy and brand design; and FC Studio, which focuses on the consultation for professional and personalized images. The company maintains two headquarters in the international cities of Hong Kong and London, overseeing operations in both Asia and Europe.

In the realm of media production, Forest Production seamlessly merges traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Producing not only film and photographical projects for major media outlets, it has also delivered various professional and creative advertisements for renowned international brands.

Drawing upon a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures and harnessing the resources of its Asian and European headquarters, Forest Creative excels in devising market strategies and managing social media for a diverse range of businesses. Over the years, it has successfully assisted numerous brands in both regions to penetrate new markets.

FC Studio brings together a team of professional artistic consultants who specializes in tailoring unique image designs and providing guidance for a broad spectrum of clients, including performing artists, corporate executives, and individual customers.

創辦於2010年的Group Forest由三家公司組合而成,分別為主力媒體製作的Forest Production、精通於市場策劃及品牌設計的Forest Creative,與及公司及個人化專業形象顧問設計的FC Studio。公司在香港及倫敦分別設有總部,主理亞洲及歐洲地區業務。


於媒體製作方面,結合傳統美學追求與及新媒體科技應用,Forest Production不單曾為各大傳媒拍攝影視及硬照作品,亦有替許多國際知名品牌製作各種專業廣告創作。

融合東西方文化,靈活運用亞洲及歐洲總部資源,Forest Creative擅長替不同企業設計市場策略及管理社交媒體,多年來更成功替不少兩地品牌開拓全新市場。


FC Studio集結多位專業美術顧問,為包括表演藝人、企業管理人員,與及個人客戶度身訂造形象設計及指導。




Lam Yu, professionally known as Jack Forest, was educated at the Hong Kong Baptist University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications - Cinema and Television. During his studies, he was nurtured with a vast range of opportunities involving him in film production and training as a program host at Commercial Radio Hong Kong.
Jack made his mark in a number of prestigious local establishments, starting out in the program production department at Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) before moving onto TVB.COM, the Sun Daily and CarPlus Magazine as a reporter and editor. After attaining significant experience in the field, he joined the renowned international men’s magazine, Esquire Hong Kong, in 2003, and started his tenure as the managing editor of the branch in 2007. After his eight years with Esquire, Jack launched his own production house, Forest Production, in 2010, focusing on brand advertisement and promotional productions. Besides his traditional career, Jack also invests and participates in various multimedia creations including music videos, short films, YouTube channels, novels and movie scripts.

筆名Jack Forest,畢業於香港浸會大學傳理學院電影電視系,大學期間先後參與多部本港電影製作及於商業電台受訓作節目主持。畢業後任職電視廣播有限公司節目製作部、TVB.COM網站記者、《太陽報》記者、《車王雜誌》編輯。2003年加入國際男性雜誌《Esquire》香港版,並於2007-2010期間出任雜誌主編。2010年離開《Esquire》並創立Forest Production製作公司,除替各品牌製作宣傳廣告,亦有投資及參與各種多媒體創作,包括MV、微電影、YouTube頻道,與及撰寫小說及電影劇本。

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