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Founded by Jack Forest, a seasoned media veteran in 2010, Forest Production (HongKong) is comprised of a team of experts with years of experience in media and consumer marketing. Starting from the beginning, Forest Production has been offering a wide variety of marketing and advertising services from campaign ideation, video production and photography, graphic design to marketing collateral production. We are proud of our client serving – always putting together a team of professionals that have relevant experience based on the needs and industry of each client, which gained a lot of confidence from clients by delivering great results.

In recent years, Forest Production has been extending its reach to other markets in the region but also expanding its services to other areas including strategic advertising and marketing campaign consultation as well as souvenir design and production. In view of the increasing demand for digital promotional campaigns, the company also offers services such as website development and social media community management. A multi-media production team was established specializing in all kind of video production from online short videos, TVCs to microfilms in collaboration with renowned directors and production team for international brands.

In 2017, Forest Creative Ltd. was established in the United Kingdom to better serve the keen demand of marketing and advertising campaigns targeting the Chinese market and audience in Europe offering quality consultation and production services.

集結多位資深業者於傳媒及消費市場工作的多年經驗,Forest Production由Jack Forest於2010年正式領導創辦。Forest Production成立初期主要為客戶製作各種廣告宣傳品,服務由文案撰寫、照片拍攝、平面設計到宣傳品印刷,並會因應不同類型客戶安排熟悉界別的專業者跟進,質素獲得廣大客戶信任。

隨著市場發展,Forest Production繼續擴展業務,宣傳及紀念品設計及製作、廣告及市場策略顧問等工作,服務對象縱橫各個市場。因應網絡宣傳的興起,Forest Production除進軍網站及社交媒體管理的工作外,更成立了多媒體製作團隊,邀得知名導演及獲獎團隊加盟,為多家國際知名品牌拍攝廣告短片以至微電影。

2017年因應華人市場於世界各地影響力愈見強大,集團正式於英國成立分公司Forest Creative Ltd.,應對各品牌及公司歐洲總部對中文宣傳方案的需要,提供精英級的顧問及製作服務。




Lam Yu, pseudonym “Jack Forest”, whose passion for the media industry has resulted in his impressive career for the past ten years. Educated at Hong Kong Baptist University, Jack holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication - Cinema and Television. During his studies, he was nurtured with vast opportunities of getting involved in commercial radio program and film production.


Jack has cut his teeth in a number of prestigious local establishments, starting out in program production at Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB); prior to moving to TVB.COM, The Sun Daily and Car Plus Magazine to work as reporter and editor. He then joined the renowned international men’s magazine Esquire Hong Kong edition in 2003, and started his tenure as managing editor in 2007. After eight years with Esquire, Jack started his own production house Forest Production, focusing on brand advertising and promotional collaterals production, with additional appointment as editor-in-chief of Apple Daily supplement section.


Besides, he has also been serving as contributors of local and mainland publications, including CUP and Esquire Hong Kong, GQ Taiwan and Modern Weekly China, as well as guest host in a leisure program at CETV Taiwan. In August 2010, the veteran furthers his stellar career by joining one of the Hong Kong’s leading timepiece magazine TimeSquare as editorial director. In 2013, Jack was invited by South China Morning Post Group to return to and restructure the Esquire team, as well as launching its new website esquirehk.com. In 2017, he resigned from Esquire to his new business in London ‘Forest Creative Ltd’, which will serve its client in Hong Kong and Europe.

筆名Jack Forest,具有超過十年傳媒工作經驗,畢業於香港浸會大學傳理學院電影電視系,大學期間先後參與多部本港電影製作及於商業電台受訓作節目主持。畢業後任職電視廣播有限公司節目製作部、TVB.COM網站記者、《太陽報》記者、《車王雜誌》編輯。2003年加入國際男性雜誌《Esquire》香港版,並於2007-2010期間出任雜誌主編。2010年離開《Esquire》並創立Forest Production廣告製作公司,除替各品牌製作各類平面宣傳刊物及廣告,亦兼任《蘋果日報》特刊部編輯總監。公職以外,亦為多家本地及國內傳媒撰寫專欄,包括香港《CUP茶杯雜誌》、《Esquire》、台灣《GQ》及中國《周末畫報》等。除文字工作以外,亦有為華娛衛視潮流資訊節目《教主來了》擔任嘉賓主持。


2017年為準備Forest Production開設倫敦辦公室而辭去《Esquire》職務,以發展香港及歐洲業務。